SEMIC Sidekick


A virtual assistant that

  • Understands the importance of cost and time
  • Independently uses the Internet
  • Carries out your work even when you are at sleep...
  • Plans your task distribution
  • Contacts your suppliers
  • Takes over your warehouse management …
  • Generates your companies profit and loss account by 1 click
  • Generates your company balance sheet by 1 click
  • Supports you with a Turbo-CRM System



SEMIC Sidekick is an AI-based industry assistant which understands the concept of time & space, communication & collaboration between humans and machines, social media, how to formulate a plan-B, negotiation with humans as well as other AI, human emotions, natural language processing and cogent recursive browsing.

As an AI powered assistant SEMIC Sidekick understands your entire business from your organization to your suppliers, vendors and customers and allows you to seamlessly connect with all of them in real time. Its internet capabilities allow it to perform a variety of functions by drawing references from the internet. Every decision made allows the AI to understand and grow eventually allowing it to gauge the effectiveness of each decision by making cost-time analysis. This advanced intelligence furthered by deep-learning allows the AI to make suggestions when faced with different situations by taking all factors into consideration. It also understands and analyses market prices and makes projections based on current trends, this comprehensive understanding of the economy allows it to negotiate on behalf of the user and greatly simplifies B2B and B2C commerce.

Just as any sentient being, SEMIC Sidekick’s AI is aware of its environment and adapts to suit it. This awareness and SEMIC Sidekick’s attention to detail allows it to automatically take up and manage your tasks, remind you periodically of incomplete tasks and analyses your performance based on your actions in reference to the entire organization. SEMIC Sidekick not only understands the work but also understands the organization as a whole. Its swarm computing capabilities allows it to assign tasks to employees based on the skill set required or their availability and additionally follows up on these tasks in real-time effectively decreasing downtime and improving productivity. Its archiving capabilities ensures all your documents are carefully organized based on work and are easily accessed by you whenever and wherever.

SEMIC Sidekick is constantly in touch with the business environment, monitoring not only your organization but also your suppliers, vendors and customers in real-time. It checks for supplier stocks for availability and does logistical calculations based on requirement. Its unique understanding of the services or product of the user allows it to draw comparison between different organizations with similar products or services and provide the user with analytical data.

SEMIC Sidekick functions as an AI-based manager for the entire organization. Using predictive algorithms, SEMIC Sidekick can make predictions and forecasts based on historical data to avoid delays and losses. Its real-time accounting capabilities allows it to create dynamic performance reports and appraisal statistics for the entire organization down to ever last individual. Its understanding of exceptions allows SEMIC Sidekick to provide timely alerts before critical situations to enable timely action.

At only one click SEMIC Sidekick can generate your companies profit and loss documentation.

At only one click SEMIC Sidekick can generate your company balance sheet.

Use SEMIC Sidekick as a fully electronic 24/7 employee in your business!

Using SEMIC Sidekick in an industrial environment has decreased the costs of holding inventory by 50%, the costs of quality by 20% and maintenance costs by 40%. Additionally, there has been a 50% reduction in the time to market and total machine downtime. Productivity has seen increases of up to 55% and forecasting accuracy has increased by over 85%.

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