SEMIC Magic Imaging® (SMI)

Breakthrough New Medical Imaging Technique!

Disrupting Medical Diagnostics using a Wi-Fi Router standard IEEE 802.11n or higher, supported by the proprietary SEMIC Deep Factoring® method

SEMIC Magic Imaging® (SMI) is a breakthrough technology that achieves increased efficiency in medical diagnostics based on Wi-Fi imaging for popular imaging modalities such as X-ray, CT, MRI, USG, ECG and EEG generation.

More accurate image interpretation, decision support, along with workflow optimization

SEMIC Magic Imaging® provides automated image interpretation that produces measurements, risk assessments, and treatment recommendations. SMI improves and accelerates the interpretation process in making accurate diagnoses, effectively supporting radiologists and clinicians with impact across the healthcare world.

In geographic regions without the services of medical professionals, SEMIC Magic Imaging® bridges the diagnostic survey to provide initial assessments. SMI enables reliable healthcare even in vicinities that are difficult to access (e.g., for rescue services in the mountain and at sea areas).

Demonstration of SEMIC Magic Imaging®

We offer demonstrations with your patients by appointment.