SEMIC Virtual M.D.®


Application: Onboarding for hospital patients

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities face significant challenges to quickly onboard additional healthcare providers when hospital admissions and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) occupancy increase rapidly. Surge staffing may be needed in response to natural disasters, public health emergencies including infectious disease outbreaks or pandemics, and catastrophic environmental events.

Main Features

- Automatically records patients' examination
- Assists rounding and helps in therapy
- Investigates based on history, current condition, comparative data
- Diagnoses based on millions of patient cases
- Suggests therapies
- Handles complaints
- Executes counseling
- Arranges procedures
- Supports medication, prescription, transaction
- Complies prediction, prevention & comparison
- Creates analysis from millions of members
- Assembles medical supplies
- Automatically creates a patient health profile
- Automatically creates risk alerts, drug alerts, health alerts, and more

SEMIC Virtual M.D.® ensures each patient automatic access to the entire Spectrum of Health Care Services

- Emergency to well being
- Therapy to alternative medicine
- Disease management in assisted living
- Surgery to post-care surveillance
- Diagnosis to cure
- Patient onboarding
- Local to international consultation
- Analysis to comparative treatment
- In time to in need
- High-End AI-based prediction and statistics
- Self-help to similar condition meetings
- Pharma to grocery support
- Wearable to volunteers' support
- Medical tourism to effective treatment
- Online face-to-face calls
- Arranges online meetings for tutorials

Common World Language Processing

SEMIC Virtual M.D.® include a real-time voice manager performing the proprietary technology we call “Natural Personal Voice Processing” (NPVP), which means, that one can communicate with all contacts worldwide using one mother tongue, which is then automatically translated into the language of the participant in real-time, e.g. if one speaks to a Japanese in native English, this contact will receive the English content translated into Japanese in real time and vice versa. SEMIC Virtual M.D.® can even mimic the natural voice of all humans communicating during a conference call.

Health Accounts and Legal

- Keeps track of health expenditure book
- Automatically collects the patient's insurance record
- Automatically collects legal input
- Gives valuable advice on services
- Can alert patients to the best drug options available
- Shops directly with the app
- Prescriptions are processed digitally and with a digital certificate
- Allows financial assistance and grants
- Informs about resources available abroad