SEMIC Sidekick


A virtual assistant that:

  • Understands the importance of cost and time
  • Independently uses the internet
  • Carries out your work even when you are at sleep...
  • Plans your task distribution
  • Contacts your suppliers
  • Takes over your warehouse management
  • Draws up your profit and loss account independently
  • Generates your company balance sheet by one click
  • Supports you with a high dynamic Turbo-CRM system



SEMIC Sidekick is an AI-based assistant which recognizes the concept of time and space, communication and collaboration between man and machine, as well as social media and knows how to formulate a plan B e.g.. Independently it takes on negotiations with human contacts and other AIs, understands human emotions as well as natural language and can thus react. The agreed topics are then carried out automatically. SEMIC Sidekick thus becomes an almost human support and relieves the employees so that they can concentrate on the important tasks.

As an AI assistant, SEMIC Sidekick understands the entire business of a company, from customers to suppliers, and creates a seamless connection with all companies in real time. Its internet capabilities enable it to perform a wide variety of functions using references from the internet. Every decision made is assessed through a cost-time analysis and leads to the SEMIC Sidekick getting a deeper understanding and learning. This advanced intelligence enables the AI to make suggestions in a wide variety of situations, taking all factors into account. SEMIC Sidekick understands and analyzes market prices and creates forecasts based on current trends. This comprehensive understanding of the economy allows SEMIC Sidekick to negotiate efficiently on behalf of the user and simplifies B2B and B2C trading.

Like every sentient being, SEMIC Sidekick-AI knows the environment and adapts to it. This awareness and attention to detail allows SEMIC Sidekick to take up and organize tasks independently. With its reminder function, it helps ensure that all tasks are completed on time and meet the objectives. SEMIC Sidekick not only understands the work, but also the organization as a whole. Thanks to the swarm computing functions, the system can assign tasks to employees based on the skills required or their availability. In addition, there is the possibility of real-time controlling, which reduces downtimes and improves productivity. The archiving functions ensure that all documents are organized according to the individual work, are carefully archived and are accessible at all times.

SEMIC Sidekick is constantly in touch with the business environment and not only analyzes the organization, but also suppliers and customers in real time. It checks whether the suppliers' stocks are available and carries out logistical calculations as required. Through his unique understanding of the user's services or products, it can make a comparison between different organizations with similar products or services and provide market price, trend and economic analyzes.

SEMIC Sidekick acts as an experienced, AI-based manager for the entire organization. With the help of forecast algorithms, SEMIC Sidekick can develop forecasts based on historical data in order to avoid delays and losses. Thanks to the real-time accounting functions, dynamic performance reports and evaluation statistics can be created for the entire company or for individual units. By understanding exceptions, SEMIC Sidekick can provide timely warnings of critical situations and proposed solutions.

SEMIC Sidekick creates your profit and loss account by one click.

SEMIC Sidekick independently prepares your complete company balance sheet.

SEMIC Sidekick supports employees as a fully electronic 24/7 assistant in the operation!

The use of SEMIC Sidekick has demonstrably reduced inventory costs by 50%, quality costs by 20% and maintenance costs by 40% in an industrial environment. In addition, the time-to-market and machine downtimes have been reduced by a total of 50%. The productivity could be increased by up to 55% and the forecast accuracy by over 85%.

*Patents pending