SEMIC EyeScan®


Current EU status: Admission procedure applied for

We would like to point out that our development SEMIC EyeScan is not a Covid-19 rapid test in the sense of the Infection Protection Measures Ordinance and does not yet meet the requirements of the German MPG, does not yet bear a CE mark (Section 6 (1) MPG).

At this point in time, the German BfArM has not yet given a special approval in accordance with Section 11 MPG, so that our product is currently not marketable within the EU.

We have to wait until the compliance according to § 12 Abs. 4 MPG is established.

Safe, Non-Invasive and Environmentally Friendly - Innovative COVID-19 Test Procedure Delivers Results within 3-5 Minutes

SEMIC EyeScan® is a world first! The internationally patented, purely non-invasive test procedure, which, using a patented Artificial Intelligence (SEMIC EMILI®), is able to determine within just 3-5 minutes whether an individual has a COVID-19 infection. This test method achieves an analytical sensitivity / specificity of 97%, by taking an image of the right or left eye (evaluation in the left eye is faster) with any smartphone (via a stable WLAN or cellular connection). The system also reads out the disease from a possible conjunctivitis, current blood pressure, pulse and body temperature of the test subject.

SEMIC EyeScan® also determines whether a checked person may have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus at an earlier point in time and recognizes all known mutations.

The digital determination of findings can be stored on devices like smartphones, tablets or PCs and, if desired, sent by SEMIC EMILI® automatically to all stakeholders, such as to the human under test, health authorities, mobile units, local test centers, retirement homes, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. The entire information can be forwarded in real time. Using the geo tracing and geofencing function of SEMIC EMILI®, high speed tracking of infection chains can be realized.

In conjunction with the QR Code system, huge public events and convenings are possible once again. The SEMIC EyeScan® test procedure is suitable for almost everyone, spanning from three year old infants to elderly people.

By operating multiple cameras, it is now possible for us to capture the eye images of up to one million humans simultaneously. All results are then available within just 3-5 minutes of evaluation time. The language selection option enables the test results to be displayed in any common world language. This would make this revolutionary method ideal for mass tests.

SEMIC EyeScan® has additional advantages: the results are available faster than with previous methods and are more reliable. In addition, the digital diagnostic procedure is very ecofriendly and no extensive training of the staff is necessary – individuals could even self-test from the convenience of their home. Protective clothing can also be dispensed with if the eye image is recorded via a suitable remote connection, such as Facetime or Skype. In this way, SEMIC EyeScan® helps to quickly interrupt infection chains.

The patented technology of sterile computing is used for all products and meets EU-wide GDPR data protection guidelines. No personal data is transferred and that data remains on the device after the executing programs have been automatically deleted at the end of the evaluation process.

Eye images made with a camera of at least 12 Mpx can, if necessary, be sent by email to SEMIC EyeScan® for evaluation. In this case, however, there is no data protection, since unknown servers are involved in the data transfer in this process.

Technically required equipment:

Server or cloud with the desired devices (smartphone, tablet, PC, one or multiple cameras with 12 Mpx minimum resolution).