Data Safety

“Sterile Computing” is a process patented by us that fulfills all conditions of the EU-GDPR and the US health guidelines HIPAA without exception.

Collected raw data is pre-selected by our proprietary High-End AI SEMIC EMILI® on the customer's server environment. All relevant raw data is then forwarded to the user client, together with an auxiliary program. Only in the server does the final calculation begin with the subsequent backup of all significant data. This data thus remains "sterile" in the user environment and is protected against unauthorized access by third parties. Once the evaluation process is complete, the supplied program instance ends automatically.

The entire SEMIC EMILI® setup is a factoring (one task-focused) High-End AI solution, not a general purpose or generative AI solution but a comprehensive trained model connected to metadata stored at the service location and not requiring access to a cloud, enabling local access that avoids possible corruption, long transaction times, and high uncertainties.

We bring AI to home!

In addition, this data processing method ensures that any hacker attacks are successfully fended off at all times.

The local server is a "Sterile Server" procured by an organization's service provider, adequately protected by an appropriate firewall.

All applications of our product range include “Sterile Computing”.

SEMIC EMILI® is a proprietary Artificial Intelligence that doesn’t use any third-party providers.